Is your Laptop or Desktop running slow? Does it take ages to boot? Does opening a Word document become a bore?
    Slow Laptops or Desktops can be very frustrating but a simple upgrade can make the world of difference. Increasing the size of the installed memory or replacing the hard disk drive for a faster item can transform a slow laptop in to a usable system once again. Or maybe a simple tune up of your computers Operating System is all that is needed.

    We provide computer system diagnostics, upgrades, repairs, equipment installation, and business services. Our technicians and consultants can come to your location or you can bring your machines to our store. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

    From a quick overview, letting you know what we see in a just a minute or two, to an in depth system diagnostic, we can provide the answers that let you decide what to do next.Compuport can handle all your computer maintenance needs in a way that puts you in full control.

    With over 28 years of computer experience, we will be able to quickly provide you an honest assessment of the computer’s condition and functionality. Usually, we can provide multiple recommendations which will allow you to make a decision with confidence.