Highline Features

Take the Highline

Our Joomla template release for June 2016 is a Joomla 3 update of one of our favourite templates in the catalogue. Highline was originally released in October 2012 and quickly became a favourite amongst our users. This design has been used for such far afield subjects as an online petshop, to a high level mathematics website and beyond.


Highline2 features the same elegant (and slightly improved) design as the original with a serious 2016 update for the modern web. Users of the original version of Highline will happily be able to move across to the new version and reap the benefit of a performance increase, a significan tamount of added functionality and much more.


The Highline Hero slideshow

Highline features the new fullwidth banner slideshow from our Zentools2 module. The Slideshow hero uses some slick sliding effects to transition the various slideshow elements onto the page. It's ever so pleasing to view the title, text and read more as it slides in and out of the page. It also features the full width title navigation making it a very impressive slideshow design indeed.


Isotope, filtering masonry goodness

Another update to Zentools2 see the implementation of an isotope driven layout. The isotope layout uses your item category or item tags to render a list of items that when clicked filter the visible items int he layout. In addition to this the items are stacked neatly (or as neatly as possible) into the grid to allow the jigsaw effect you see on the front page. 


Striking page and category views

One of the key elements of the Highline template are the way that standard Joomla content pages are handled. You can easily feature an image on the page by adding the item image to an article to have it display in the background container of the article.

Category with an image

Standard Joomla category views have the choice of using the featured image layout by adding an image to the category description.


Default category view without image


Highline2 is a Build.r child theme

Build.r child themes utilise the Build.r core with the addition of a stylesheet, optional javascript file, optional asset file and optional layout file.  The Build.r child theme system makes it possible to override most of the key layout and display information. 

The child theme is simply selected in the template admin and the new style information and javascript is included in your template once your template is saved.  


A slimmed down quickstart package

Highline2 also comes with our new and improved quickstart packages.

Rather than add the full documentation and feature overview for Highline we have provided a quickstart package that will definitely provide you with a quick start to your next project. It's built around a common site structure with relevant categories and pages for services offered, work down, a meet the team section with a contact form.

In fact to all thats required to start fresh with a new project is to install the quickstart package and delete this page and the corresponding menu item, then your site is ready for you to start adding your content.


Experience superb page speeds with Highline.

 The above page speed result was tested on a standard content page on the Highline demo, with some small tweaks to the default template settings and our standardised .htaccess file. The final speed of your site will depend on a number of factors but Highline has been optimised to remove the most common speed issues caused by your Joomla template.


Drag and drop designing.

Easily move modules around the layout and resize them according to your needs via the Highline layout interface. You can resize modules, move modules to a different place on it's native row or move it to a completely new place in the layout.


Intuitive design panel.

The Buildr template design panel makes changing colours, fonts and a ton of other design elements super easy. It gives you full control over the appearance of all areas of your website via easy to use color pickers, inputs, toggles and more.


Full support for Zentools2.

Zentools2 is our all in one swiss army knife for content display in Joomla. It features an extensive array of content sources and flexible modern layouts all from the convenience of a single easy to use module.

At a glance it contains a comprehensive collection of layouts, diverse range of content sources, intuitive drag and drop interface, advanced theme options, a beautiful responsive lightbox plus much more.

View the Zentools2 Demo


Granular responsive control.

highline comes with a number of built in responsive controls. You can easily set breakpoints for your design, determine when the navigation or other elements should collapse, easily show / hide or otherwise control the appearance of the design across small, medium and large screens.


Built in effects and usability tools.

Easy to use back to top, sticky nav, lazyload tools as well as bouncing fading and other type of animations that can be applied to the template via a row by row or module by module basis.


Other key features

  • High performance out of the box
  • Extensive font control with access to a sensible Font Stack, Google fonts and Typekit.
  • A selection of responsive menu options including Toggle Menu, Off canvas, Select and Stacked.
  • Dropdown menu with 3 types of animated effects.
  • Accordion menu to transform any vertical Joomla menu into an accordion or panel menu.
  • Dedicated one page mode to turn any page or website into a one page website.
  • Hidden Panel for displaying modules like user logins.
  • Off canvas position for displaying less important content on the page but off the screen.
  • Built in css3 effects to make each rows slide, bounce or fade in as the user scrolls.
  • Handy tools like back to top buttons, sticky menus, image lazy load and more.
  • Granular control over responsive breakpoints to target where your design breaks.
  • Social sharing and social network integration.
  • Developer friendly architecture, for users who want to bypass the interface and dig deep into code.
  • Bootstrap2 and Bootstrap3 compatibility.
  • One page mode
  • Font Awesome 4 font icon support