Your server is one of the core components of your IT Infrastructure so it is exceptionally important to guarantee its up time. Whether it’s a simple file/print server or hosting more complex roles such as SQL databases for a bespoke business application or Exchange for your companies E-mails it can be equally frustrating when business grinds to a halt.

“Our server is down” is something we at COMPUPORT hear all too often. Ensuring the resilience of our client’s server is one of the many important factors we incorporate into our IT Support Plans to keep your business running efficiently. When COMPUPORT is appointed to manage your IT we conduct a comprehensive infrastructure audit checking the server's performance and making  the necessary tweaks to ensure it is optimally configured.

Using our state of the art tools we can maintain and manage your server’s health remotely from our office which enables us to detect issues before they escalate into more sinister matters which makes outsourcing server support and maintenance more appealing.

Furthermore, we implement the precautions to allow us to remotely diagnose your server outages even when it has crashed or not booted into the server operating system using.

Not every case can be resolved remotely, but with our proven track record and measures we implement when taking over your server support, the requirement for onsite visits are rare.

What Servers and Software we Support?
Requirements and specifications for servers significantly differ when comparing a small business to a larger firm which is why we take time to ensure that every server solution we supply to our clients is optimised according  their business requirements while keeping costs in mind.

We usually recommend HP an Dell servers to our clients when they approach us with requirements to replace their existing or install a new Server. This is due to our extensive experience with managing them and their proven reliability over the years of use, not to mention outstanding vendor support and cost-effective hardware pricing.

We support all server based operating systems including Microsoft, Linux and Domino and we are able to design a bespoke IT Package that will suit your business needs.

As a SME business it will be of no surprise to you on the expensive costs and admin overhead to employ an in-house engineer even part-time, to manage and support your servers.


COMPUPORT takes  pride in our network cabling jobs ensuring a well structured, neat and efficient Network setup, we also supply most if not all of the networking brands

We provide setup, installation, configuration, and support of data networks. We have skilled system and network engineers to help you choose, install, configure, and maintain the right network setup and configuration for your organization

We offer a full range of network infrastructure solutions and services, which includes:

  • Brand new network installations.
  •  Cabling for data, voice & video.
  •  Firewall and Security Management.
  •  Bandwidth and internet monitoring solutions.
  •  Secure remote connectivity such as VPN.
  •  Network support and troubleshooting.
  •  Cabinet supply configuration & installation.
  •  Cable & cabinet tidying.



Network Security and LINUX FIREWALL
Today, access to the Internet and E-Mail is a necessity to almost every business. For this reason it is extremely important to make sure your network and IT infrastructure are secure from potential attacks.

Keeping your network safe
Good network security is not just about antivirus solutions, it is about user education and forward planning – COMPUPORT will carry out a detailed inspection and analysis of your network infrastructure, disaster recovery solution and user environment and recommend any adjustments to your configuration or user paterns that may offer a potential security weakness that could inversely impact your business.

Viruses and spyware
Lost productivity when a PC becomes infected with a virus is frustrating – work can grind to a halt and in extreme cases business critical data can be lost. Even if you have already purchased antivirus software, you may not be fully secured as the majority of antivirus software deployments within a business still leave various security holes which could be a threat to your network.

Spyware can also slow your network and computer(s) down but more importantly it can be used to gather private and confidential business sensitive information that may later be used for fraudulent purposes.

COMPUPORT is a SILVER RESELLER partner of AVAST ANTIVIRUS in South Africa. We can deploy suitable antivirus solutions to your business, giving you maximum protection against attacks. Many people are unaware that this can be centrally controlled for your business, giving you one price to pay and the peace of mind that all your PCs are up-to-date and secure with a central management and reporting tool.